We hold six Fine Art and Antiques sales a year, with General sales every two weeks. Our valuers can advise you which sale your items would be suitable for.

For a free, no obligation, saleroom estimate on items prior to entering them into one of our auctions, you are welcome to bring them to our valuation days or send us an image of the item by email/post.


General sales: Please see our calendar for dates of sales and see below for  dates when we are accepting items. Items are accepted subject to space in the saleroom and on a first come first served basis.

Fine Art Sales: we accept items up to three weeks prior to a Fine Art Sale, please telephone to arrange a suitable time/date for delivery.  Items can also be appraised on our valuation days, see below for dates.

If you are bringing items to the saleroom for valuation this is by appointment only, please call the saleroom on 01684 892314 to arrange a suitable time to visit.

Transport: we can recommend a local independent haulier to transport your items to the saleroom if needed.


Valuation Dates


November     26th & 27th


December     10th & 11th (Fine Art only)


January (2019)   14 & 15        28 & 29


February 11 & 12


March 11 & 12        25 & 26


April   8 & 9


May 7 & 8 (NB Tuesday and Wednesday)




Yes, your receipt verifies your personal details, a description of your items and, if relevant agreed reserves and sale date. Please ensure that any reserves are agreed at the time of entry on the receipt.

Your signature confirms “I request you to sell the property listed below in accordance with the Conditions of Business which are set out overleaf and which I have read”. Terms and conditions are printed on the reverse of the receipt.

If your items are not to be offered for sale, e.g. until a valuation is confirmed - please ensure this is stated clearly on the receipt.

Your items will be entered in the next available sale. For Fine Art sale lots you will receive a vendor’s advice letter and a copy of the catalogue approximately one week before the sale.

Any item that does not have an agreed reserve indicated on the receipt will be sold without reserve.

Both sales are widely advertised nationally (Fine Art sales) and locally (General sales).

An illustrated colour catalogue is produced for Fine Art sales and sent to trade buyers and private collectors across the United Kingdom. It is also available online at both and attracting considerable national and international interest.



Payment of the balance (hammer price minus commission and loss/damage warranty charges, and any illustration fees) is made up to 28 days after the sale providing we have received payment from the buyer.

Commission & loss/damage warranty charge:

16.5% + VAT

Note: the minimum bid is £2 and the minimum vendor’s commission is £2 (£1.70+VAT)

Illustration charges for catalogue and internet listing for Fine Art sales:

There is a standard £5 per lot illustration fee which ensures an image of each lot goes online. There is also an additional fee should images be included in our printed catalogues. Should you be selling a large amount of items with us, both rates are negotiable with the auctioneer

If your item does not sell, it will be entered in the next two sales, after which we request it is collected or disposed of. There will be no charges made on any unsold lots, other than a possible storage charge, should collection not be immediate.

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